Title: Koodikirja

Description: Koodikirja (“Code book”) has been created as for material in Koodikoulu (http://www.koodikoulu.fi/). It is still under development but the first chapter directs basics of programming. Koodikirja introduces two basic structures of coding, that is commands and repetition, to children and school teachers by using Turtle Roy

Link:  http://www.koodikirja.fi/

License:  Free for non-commercial use, copying and delivery. Open source. Code available in GitHub.

Languages: Finnish

Target groups: Children 4+ working together with an adults, young people, school teacher

Known uses: The book has been created for material in Koodikoulu (http://www.koodikoulu.fi/).

Pedagogical level: High

TACCLE Classification: Algorithms, Using logic, Controlling things, Creating and Debugging

Quality: 4. With more material 5.

Open comments: Koodikirja is a good start to coding for understanding commands and repetition as key structures. Special thanks for understandable and lively language and easy-to-follow instructions for PCs, Macs and Linux. No software installations needed.

Date: September 8, 2016


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