Title: Koodiaapinen

Description: Koodiaapinen, or ”Code ABC” or ”Code Alphabet”, is a grassroots initiative by teachers and educational researchers. Koodiaapinen organizes coding MOOCs to teachers and provides coding materials in web site library.

Link: http://koodiaapinen.fi/


Languages: Finnish (short introduction in English)

Target groups: Comprehensive school teachers

Known uses: Koodiaapinen has educated over 1 000 teachers to teach coding at school starting in 2015. Koodiaapinen runs a coding MOOC and presents coding materials on their web site.

Pedagogical level: High. Koodiaapinen was launched by cutting-edge professionals in education, teaching, learning, school curricula and technologies.

TACCLE Classification: Algorithms, Using logic, Controlling things, Creating and Debugging

Quality: 5

Open comments: Participation in the coding MOOC is highly recommended.

Date: September 8, 2016


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