Trainer: Seppe

Short description

Scratch is a graphical programming environment.

It’s easy, motivating, free and available in more than 50 languages. Scratch allows you to programme your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

In this workshop you will learn how children from 8 years up can discover the Scratch programming language. We first have a look at a number of terms and concepts about coding and how to implement them in a in a playful way. We look at the interface and programming environment. Then you get started with exercise cards to get the programming and master the basics of Scratch at the end of the workshop. We also look into some methods to help challenge the children even more and help them achieve a concrete end result, by using some suggestions and useful links for teachers.


     Understand the basic concepts of computational thinking and programming

     Be familiar with the interface Scratch.

     Program simple pieces of code.

     Read a simple piece of code

     Define learning tasks to students.

     Know where you can find more information and examples on Scratch

      Find resources online through the taccle 3 website

Workshop Resources