Autumn Unplugged

Autumn Unplugged

Offline activities for a seasonal theme from Tallin workshop participants Antonio and Nancy.

1)Use pictures to make ‘if… then…’ sentences about suitable clothing or activities depending on the weather.


If it is Autumn then the leaves are not green.

If it is windy and the leaves are brown then the leaves fall from the trees.

2) Make a card for a Halloween party, decide which parts of the card must be made sequentially, and which can be done in parallel.

3) Practice abstraction by writing sentences about Autumn leaves and then sorting them into the correct order.

  • Green leaves rustle in the wind

  • The leaves turn red and brown

  • Leaves fall down from the trees

  • People make crunching sounds stepping on the leaves

  • We sweep the paths clear again


4)Variables and Opposites

  • Homework: Students look for Autumn materials in their environment and bring them to school
  • Sort the objects in a 2×2 matrix
  • How many different variables can you find? How many ways can you sort the materials?

5) Create your own top trumps game using trees (Comparing Age, Size, Circumferences etc.)


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