Pedagogical Conversational Agent: Dr. Roland

Title: Pedagogical Conversational Agent: Dr. Roland

Description: Pedagogic Conversational Agents (PCA) are e-learning interactive systems that teach students through a conversation in natural language. These systems have been used at higher levels of education successfully, and in recent years there has been increasing interest in use at lower levels from Primary Education to Children Education. Dr. Roland is used to improve understanding and thus the resolution, and It has revealed other notable benefits such as an increase of motivation and concentration.

Link: Dr. Roland will be freely available in September 2016.

Languages: Spanish

Target groups: Students

Known uses: The agent has been used in Social and Natural Sciences, Physical Education and Mathematics.

Pedagogical level: Primary and secondary education.

TACCLE Classification: Algorithms, Natural language, Conversational Pedagogical Agent, user-centred design, understanding, Human Computer Interaction

Quality: 4

Date: 27-06-2016


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