Workshop 4
Trainer: Daniela/Christiane
Short description: In the workshop, appropriate topics for primary school scenarios and classroom activities are developed in groups, related to hard and software
The participants develop teaching and learning concepts for the LilyPad Smart-Textile technology that they got to know before. At first they focus on overall topics to create scenarios for children wherein Smart Textile is useful and motivating.

In a second step, they develop and discuss single activities they can apply with Smart Textile in their classes within the scenarios. Participants of the workshop are free to choose whether they want to create single activities with hardware or software.

At the end of the workshop, audiences have a ready-to-use activity and an idea for possible scenarios to teach smart textile in their classes with the multi-disciplinary approach based on the LilyPad Arduino technology.

Aims: to develop your own lesson activity based on LilyPad Arduino-Technology: topics, school scenarios, activities for primary school sessions
When: Thursday 11th May, 2:00-5:00