Developing students’ creativity in using IT and teaching IT creatively are two sides of the same ever-changing and elusive coin. Any teacher wishing to keep up with the exponential evolution of modern technologies and the huge advancements yet to come cannot ignore the fact that it will have (indeed is already beginning to have) a massive impact on education. Being creative and promoting creativity in information and communication technologies is, in fact, an enormous challenge for most teachers and educators – particularly when we cannot help but think, plan, teach and learn in traditionally ways. It is not surprising that this tradition often conflicts with the very real, and very obvious fact that technology is an ever-increasing and integral part of our daily lives.

Preparing young people to be effective and successful in a world that is always evolving technologically is a constant challenge for teachers and schools – especially when those expected to do the teaching aren’t always that interested in technology themselves! It is this on-going challenge that has inspired us to write this handbook.