This book is targeted specifically at secondary school STEM teachers. We believe it is one of the first that addresses the specific needs of those teachers wanting some practical ideas on how to introduce and use information and communication technologies in the 11-16 classroom. It is not a text book, academic reader or a book which addresses the ICT skills curriculum. It is designed to help you get started on using e-learning methods and techniques in your subject area to make your lessons more fun, more creative and easier to prepare. Nor are we going to cover techy-science-equipment like data loggers, digital microscopes, digital cameras and videos as most maths and science teachers are already pretty good at using those. The focus is on using freely available web 2.0 tools rather than dedicated maths or science programmes. We also focus on using social media to create and share pupil generated content rather than simply using the web for research. We have also a short section on using mobile devices.
(This is just another way of saying we just wanted to share some subject-related, practical teaching ideas we have used – things you can actually do with your class tomorrow morning!)

E-Learning for STEM teachers 2.61 MB