This book is targeted specifically at primary schools. We believe it is one of the first that addresses the specific needs of those teachers wanting some practical ideas on how to introduce and use information and communication technologies in the 3 – 11 classroom.

It is not a text book, academic reader or a book which addresses the ICT skills curriculum. It is designed to help you get started on using e-learning methods and techniques across the primary curriculum to make your lessons more fun, more creative and easier to prepare.

It is NOT a book for ICT teachers or experts. However, we are making some basic assumptions.

 That you can switch on a computer and access the internet

 That you have some basic experience of using computers with children (e.g using Word or PowerPoint)

 That you are committed to improving your practice

 That you are good teachers!

If you can tick all these points, then read on – this book is for you.