A robot to make your lunch

robot-lunchLesson: your robot prepares your lunch


The children learn to set up an algorithm without using a computer.

Time: 90 minutes:  Ages:  6-7 years


For each group: one copy of this worksheet, 5 copies of the 2nd page,  

Bag with bread, a knife, marmalade, plate , butter


You don’t have time in the morning to make your lunch yourself. But don’t panic you have a robot who can do this for you. Write the instructions for your robot to prepare your lunch.

Part 1

First you have to describe the steps your robot has to do to prepare your lunch. You’ve put yet everything on the table. Which steps would you do to prepare your lunch?part 1

Part 2

Now you’re going to write the program. Write every action on a new line. Use the paper on the following page. Make copies if necessary. Put a circle around the words.Part2

Part 3

Test your program

Part 4

Is your program alright or do you have to debug?part3




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