KS1 / FP Scratch Junior Superheroes

urlUsing a Superheroes theme to learn how to programme in Scratch Junior!


  • Write a simple programme in Scratch Junior to tell a story
  • Change the sprite
  • Use the enlarge / reduce function
  • Use the disappear / return function
  • Use the voice and text functions

Ideally you  should have worked through the Starting Scratch lesson but it is possible to use this lesson as an introduction with complete beginners.

Launch Scratch Junior and display on the IWB. Clicking on the house icon will take you to the home page.

Explain that the cat always appears if you do not choose anything else – it’s called a ‘sprite’.  Click on the + symbol in the box underneath the cat in the top left hand corner.  This will display a whole range of sprites you can choose from.  Sadly, there are no superheroes but there is a dragon if you scroll almost to the bottom. Click on the dragon and use the paint palette to change its colour.  (There are ways of getting a superhero drawing or image in but that comes later).  If you then want to get rid of the cat, click and hold until a red cross comes up. Click on the cross to delete it.

Explain to the class that they are going to work in 2s or 3s (depending on how many tablets you have) and the challenge is to give their dragon (or whatever sprite they choose) three superpowers.  Firstly their Supersprite should be able to fly. The second superpower is invisibility – they will need to find out how to make their sprite disappear and return.  Thirdly their supersprite needs to be able to grow very big or shrink.


Experiment by dragging a blue arrow block down into the space under the toolbar below the picture.  Then try changing the number in the circle in the block. (If you click on it, a number pad will appear on the right – just type the number in).    The other blue arrows can be dragged down and connected to make the sprite move upwards or jump.  You can make the sprite look as if it is flying just by using these blue keys.  Clicking on the sprite will start the programme they have created.

Once they have mastered the sprite moving, they can tackle invisibility.


Click on the purple block.  This gives you a range of options – let them experiment until they find the one that makes the sprite disappear.

Growing larger

This is also done with the purple blocks – there are actually 2, one to enlarge and one to reduce.

The more able children may want to continue and add text or record themselves making Superhero noises! Let them explore the different coloured blocks to see if they can work out how to do this.  (Drag the speech bubble or use the microphone icon).

Finally, explain that it is good programming to choose a way of starting their programme (use the yellow blocks) and stopping it (use the red blocks)

When they have mastered this, they should be able to write a simple story.  Clicking on the picture icon at the top will change the background.

During a follow up lesson, they can click on the sprite to take them to the painting palette screen and can draw their own superhero. Alternatively, use the camera to take a picture of themselves dressed as a superhero and use the image as the sprite.


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