Proge Tiger

Title: Proge Tiger

Description:Teaches programming, web applications and website creation during classes or in hobby clubs to students from grades 1 to 12. The proge tiger aims to develop students’ logical thinking, creativity and mathematical skills, demonstrate that programming can be interesting and done by anyone, teach the basics of programming through practical activity and teach students to use different age-appropriate programming languages. There is information about the ProgeTiger program, the competitions and teacher trainings, and also news and learning materials on this website.


License: Free use

Languages: Estonian

Target groups: Teachers

Known uses: There is also a link ( to materials which teachers have created or found to be interesting for the other teachers. There are so many good ideas for all levels of teaching.  

Pedagogical level: High

TACCLE Classification: Algorithms, Using logic, Controlling things, Creating and Debugging

Quality: 5

Open comments: Although there is much valuable information on this website the most valuable for teachers is probably the information under the label ‘learning materials’. There are so many good materials: presentations, lesson plans, tutorials, apps, links to the other topic-related websites etc.

Date: September 8, 2016


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