Title: Ozobot

Description: Measuring slightly over an inch, Ozobot is one of the world’s smallest smart robot toys which combines digital and physical game play, along with robotics and coding using simple colors. Starting with color markers, Ozobot takes kids on a fun and mesmerizing experience through creative drawing, problem solving and group challenges by coloring code commands in the form of basic color combinations.

Link: http://ozobot.com/


Languages: English

Target groups: primary and secondary school students

Known uses: Examples of its use in education: http://portal.ozobot.com/lessons. You can find additional material about Ozobot from its home page: drawing games:  http://ozobot.com/play/drawing-games; printable games http://ozobot.com/play/print-games; on-line games: http://ozobot.com/play/web-games; apps: http://ozobot.com/play/apps; programming games: http://games.ozoblockly.com/?_ga=1.190173675.1918529750.1457965164; on-line programming environment OzoBlocky (depending on the version of the robot, it is either free or not): http://ozoblockly.com/editor; introduction videos for OzoBot in YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Ozobot.

Pedagogical level: Primary and secondary education

TACCLE Classification: Algorithms, using logic, controlling things.

Quality: 4

Open comments: Ozobot is small, compact, easily programmable and simple to use in classroom. In addition, Ozobot makes programming interesting for children.

Date: 10.07.2016


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