MSW Logo

Title: MSW Logo

Description:  MSW Logo is a Logo-based programming environment, intended for educational purposes. Because it is easy to learn, it is a great introduction to programming for kids or those who want to get started in programming. It’s not all boring either – although graphs and charts are its main application, MSW Logo can be used to create games or programs for Windows.


License: MSW Logo is available to download for free.

Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Japanese, French

Target groups: Primary school children

Known uses: Examples of its use in education (with lesson plans, teacher’s book and videos): (in Estonian). Other pages: (tutorial in Estonian), (the drawings with Logo, in English)

Pedagogical level: Primary education

TACCLE Classification: Algorithms, using logic

Quality: 3

Open comments: Very limited usefulness. On the downside, if the game isn’t available with the native language, then the algorithms must be written in foreign language, which means that in addition to programming a foreign language must be learnt as well. Suitable for those who like drawing. Teaching materials found on the Estonian site are really helpful for teachers.

Date: 29.06.2016


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