3pi robotics platform e-course

Title: 3pi robotics platform e-course

Description: The aims of the E-course are: 1) to develop programming and structural thinking skills and to practice programming of a popular 3pi robot (small mobile robot, that is made to follow lines and go through a maze made of lines) in C-programming language; 2) to change learning ICT curriculum (programming and creating apps) more attractive and simpler, to motivate children to take more interest in natural science.  

Link: http://home.roboticlab.eu/et/projects/3pi?s=translation_true

License: Creative Commons 4 (Attribution – Non Commercial)

Languages: Estonian

Target groups: primary, secondary and high school students and teachers

Known uses: The course can be completed at various speeds. The course will teach you the programming language C.

Pedagogical level: from primary school

TACCLE Classification: Algorithms, using logic, controlling things, creating and debugging

Quality: 4

Open comments: Very good e-course for children and teachers. The course includes theoretical and practical teachings.

Date: 29.06.2016


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